"Cucú-Trastrás", "Kuckuck", "Peekaboo", oil on canvas, 50X70 cm., Carmen Moreno 2023

"Kuckuck", "peekaboo", oil on canvas, 50X70Cm., 2023
"Cucú-trastrás" óleo sobre lienzo 50X70 cm., CARMEN MORENO 2023

                                                "Carnival in Venice with cat"

"Carnival in Venice with Cat", "Carnaval en Venecia con gato", acrylic on canvas 70X50 cm., 100% cotton, 300gr., floater frame, Carmen Moreno 2023. All rights reserved by Carmen Moreno 2023.

In a world full of disasters there will always be hope for joy, trust and the recovery of the most familiar valves, the celebration of life and the hope of continuing.

"Nowhere in the world can someone hide so well as to be safe fom life", "En ninguna parte del mundo puede esconderse  uno tan bien como para estar a salvo de la vida" (Fred Wander).

"Volcán en erupción" 20X100 cm., acrílico sobre lienzo, Carmen Moreno 2022.

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"Parallax Art Fair 2022", october, Kensington Hall, LONDON.
"Parallax Art Fair 2021", 22-24 october 2021, Kensington Town Hall, LONDON.
"World of Art" magazine, "GUGGENHEIM Museum", NEW YORK 2021.
Carmen Moreno is represented by the following Art Galleries:
Saatchi Art Gallery.
Singulart Gallery-Paris.
Carmen Moreno's work is bought by Art collectors worldwide.
"First of all, my pictures are myself, then the others and  the whole. My work is an attempt to get closer to the mystery of things, to the mystery of life. Or maybe it's the other way around?.
I have a tendency to create a figurative artwork BUT...the artwork begins to fly and fly and becomes independent by itself.
On the other hand, I prefer to make the mixtures on the canvas and to contribute the painting something unreal, I love bright colors. 
Sometimes I start a work and try to unravel a mystery that is screaming to get out, and when I realized that I have fail and I must abandon it exhausted, the artwork follows its own life in solitary. I'm just the middle who consolidates a response". 
Carmen Moreno was represented by Galerie Pfeil Heilbronn, Galerie Götz Stuttgart, Galería Heller Madrid, Galería Brita Printz Madrid, Galería Art-box Madrid, Grifé & Escoda Barcelona, Galería Aragón 232 Barcelona, Art Nou Mil-lenni Barcelona, among others: "I was born 1956 in Madrid, Spain. I am mother of three wonderful children and meanwhile I have three wonderful grandchildren. I have studied at the Academy of Music, Piano and harmony higher degree by "The Royal Conservatory of Music" from Madrid.  
I studied humanities too, literature, Older German and Modern German literature. 2013 Promotionsstudium cum laude, encomium and publication of the thesis in German Philology-culture anthropologie 2013. Doctor cum laude  from the University Complutense of Madrid in Philology and Theory of literature. I was student of Michael Klenk by The Haller Akademie der Künste in Schwäbisch-Hall, Germany.
Otherweis I am self-taught.
Awards, Press:
"World of art" Guggenheim museum, magazine, ISSN-1404-3408, New York, 2021.
Curated by Vera von Singulart, Gallery Singulart for the online exhibition "At the Window" 30/05/2020.
Curated by Victoria Kennedy, Saatchiart 2/26/2019.
Finalista Premio. Artist of the Year Award & Grant, CFA. Circle Foundation for the Arts, France. Finalist Award 2018, January, 22, 2019
Contest with 863 participants.
Salón de Primavera de Pintura figurativa y realista de Madrid S. CH. 2016
Nominated 2016.
Premio Extraordinario de Doctorado, (Finalist), humanidades, Filología Germánica, UCM, Spain.
Universidad Complutense de Madrid 2013, (2 nominated).
Published books and DVD by Carmen Moreno:
DVD- "Expresionismo alemán, una propuesta de Carmen Moreno", departamento de filología alemana, UCM, curated by Prof. Dr. José Sagües, Madrid 2006.
2016 “Instinct as basic motivation. Art-production as biologically-based need”, (spanish edition books)-
“El instinto como fuerza motriz. La producción artística como necesidad biológica”. Mari Carmen Moreno Fernández.
2015 “De la Cabra y la Loba a - Into the Woods”. Mari Carmen Moreno Fernández.
2014 “Instinctus, la química del arte”.
Grin-Verlag, München, Germany. Mari Carmen Moreno Fernández.
Art, Instincts, Emotions, Stories, Pictures, Literary anthropology.
Bibliography, Press:
"WORLD of ART" GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM  magazine, ISSN-1404-3408, invited artist NEW YORK 2020. volumen I.
Curated by Véra Kempf, Paris Singulart Nov. 2018.
Biennale Austria member, 2016. 
Haller Tagblatt, 21 January 1992
Pfiff, April 1992
Hohenloher Zeitung, 15 April 1992
Hohenloher Zeitung, November 1992
Haller Tagblatt, 26 April 1993
Kultur Katalog Heilbronn 1994
Götz Kunstmanegement “Gedanken und Fakten”, 3 September 1994
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Art, June 1994
Arte contemporáneo en Stuttgart, Art September-December 1994
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Haller Tagblatt nº 160 July 1995
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Hohenloher Zeitung, 28 April 1996
Hohenloher Zeitung, 08 Mai 1996
Art Multiple, Graphik-Messe International Graphic Fair Germany, Düsseldorf 1996
Depelmann Verlag “Handbuch der Editionen“ 1995-1996, Forum Kultur
Handbuch der Editionen BAND 1-4, 1989-1997
Galerie Depelmann Edition Verlag Langenhagen, Germany.
Catálogo de Art expo Barcelona 1998
El punto de las artes, october 2002
Revistart nº146, ed. Anuart, “El Protocolo de Kyoto” Carmen Moreno, The National Art Center Tokyo at the same time Renoir’s exhibition on the first floor, Tokyo, 2010.
Catálogo Nacional de Arte ed. Anuart, Barcelona.
Chealse Town Hall 2017 Curated  for october Exhibition’s advertising Poster.
Fine Arts Competitions and Events:
Finalist of "The Contest of Figurative and Realistic ART Painting" of The Cultural Center San Chinarro, Madrid, Spain 2016.
Presentation to Grafica del Mediterráneo Marchionni Award 2016.
Biennale Austria  Artists in VENEZIA 15 th. International Exhibition, 2016.
Centro d'Arte San Vidal Scoletta di San Zaccaria, Italy, Venice 2016.
Presentation to the ART Contest Berlin, Germany.
BMW Award presentation, 1996 and 1997, Madrid, Spain.
Best selling artist by THE BORGIA Commemoration of Schwäbisch-Hall City by the "Haller Akademie der Künste" Art Market Germany, according to Michael Klenk, art director and organizer.
EXHIBITIONS (Selection):
-"World of art" magazine, Guggenheim Museum, ISSN-1404-3408, New York 2021.
-"Evolution of self-expression. Forms of representations of one's own face", curated by Vera of Singulart Gallery for online exhibition 14/6/2020.
-"At the window", curated by Vera von Singulart, Gallery Singulart for the online exhibition, 30/05/2020.
-Curated by Victoria Kennedy, Saatchi Art 
-Finalist Award, ArtistOfTheYear-CFA, January   2019.
-Curated by Véra Kempf by Singulart November 2018.
- Parallax Art Fair October 2017, Chelsea Town Hall, London.
- Italia, Con-Front a Re-port 2016, Centro d'Arte San   vidal/Scoletta San Zaccaria, Venezia. 
- Biennale Austria member, 2016. 
 - Catálogo Nacional de Arte 2015, Editorial Anuart, Barcelona. 
- Galería Aragón 232, 2011, Barcelona, Spain.
- JAPAN MUSEUM THE NATIONAL ART CENTER TOKYO, 63ª Expo Japan Independence 2010, Japan.
-KYOTO MUSEUM OF ART, 2010, Japan.
-Hong-Kong, ART FAIR 2014, H. Marco Polo, 2014   CHINA.
-IRAN ART Collect, QASR GARDEN MUSEUM, Teheran,  2014, Iran. 
-ART BEIJING, Peking. International trade Fair for Art 2012, China.
-ART BEIJING, Peking. International trade Fair for Art 2011, China.
-Marbella, International trade Fair for Art Spain, 2010-2011-2012.
-MADRID, FAIM Independence Art Fair Feria de Madrid 2002, Spain.
-Madrid, ESTAMPA International trade Fair for Art 1999, Spain.
-Barcelona, ART-EXPO 1998, International  trade Fair for Art, Spain.
-Düsseldorf, ART MULTIPLE, International trade Fair for Graphic, 1995-1996-1997, Germany.
-Dresden, GRAFIK-MESSE, International Art Fair for Graphic 1995, Germany.
-Frankfurt, BUCHMESSE FRANKFURT, International trade Fair for Books and Graphic, 1999, Germany.
-Kreiskrankenhaus Gaildorf, Germany.
-VOLKSBANK Zentrale, (solo exhibition), Öhringen.
-DIAKONIE-KRANKENHAUS, (solo exhibition), Schwäbisch-Hall, Germany.
-Barcelona, XXIV- Mirador de Estiú, Spain.
-Forum-Kunst, Schöntal, (solo exhibition), Germany.
-Neotel-Hotel, Stuttgart, (solo exhibition), Germany.
-Un-Art Gallery, Öhringen, (solo exhibition), Germany.
-Gallery Brita Prinz Madrid, Spain.
-Gallery Heller, Madrid.
-Radierwerkstatt-81, Rot am See, Germany.
-Gallery Art-Box Madrid, Barcelona.
-Galería Grifé & Escoda, Art Expo Barcelona, International trade Fair for Art,  Barcelona.
-Gallery Brita Prinz, Graphic workshops, Madrid.
-Gallery Nou Mil-leni, Barcelona, Barcelona.
-Ruud de Heer, Hessental, (solo exhibition), Germany.
-Gallery Kunsthaus Pfeil, Heilbronn, Germany. 
-Gallery Art Trump, Öhringen, (solo exhibition), Germany. 
-Goldene Adler-Hotel, (solo exhibition), Schwäbisch-Hall.
-Gallery Götz,Stuttgart, (solo exhibition), Germany.
I am open for orders and commission.
You can contact me:
Carmen Moreno lives and works between Germany and Spain. She has been successfully presented in the World of Art for more than twenty years ago. Her motto:"True Art must thrill". 
All Artworks rights are reserved by Carmen Moreno.
Copyright by Carmen Moreno, 2021.

"EL AQUELARRE" acrílico sobre lienzo, 40X60X4 cm., Carmen Moreno 2020.

"COVEN", acrylic on canvas, 40X60X4 cm., 2020.

"Château de Chabenet, landscape and rainbow are real"

Pigment-Byako, natural, Yanagi-Ha-Ura, Tokyo, watercolor, acrylic, wax on canvas, 81X100 cm., 2020. Carmen Moreno

 "Feierabend" "Closing time".

Charcoal and resin pure linen on canvas, 81X60  cm., 2020. Carmen Moreno.

"YOU NEED A WAR EVERY TWELVE YEARS", oil, acrylic, Gesso on canvas, 50X70X2 cm., 2020.

"You need a war every twelve years", oil, acrylic, gesso on canvas, 50X70X2 cm., 2020.

"Necesitáis una guerra cada doce años", óleo, acrílica, gesso sobre lienzo, 50X70X2 cm., 2020.


"COUPLE", acrylic on 100% Belgian linen canvas from 80X40X4 cm., 2020.

This artwork has various interpretations. It has two ways of being hung on the wall. Live has inspired me. A meeting of two lonely figures. It is protected by an anti-UV varnish. Signed in front and back. It does not need to be framed. Carmen moreno 2020.

"DOS SETAS", acrílico sobre lienzo, 80X40X4 cm., 2020. Carmen Moreno
"DOS SETAS", acrílico sobre lienzo, 80X40X4 cm., 2020. Carmen Moreno

"Two mushrooms", acrylic on canvas, 80X40x4 cm., Carmen Moreno 2020

"El Mercado de Wuhan" "Wuhan market"

Acrylic and Gesso on canvas, 81X65 cm., Carmen Moreno 2020
Acrylic and Gesso on canvas, 81X65 cm., Carmen Moreno 2020

Acrylic and Gesso on canvas, 81 X 65 cm., Carmen Moreno 2020.

"Amigos para siempre"

"Amigos para siempre", "Friends forever", acrylic, gesso, charcoal on canvas, 81X65X2 cm. 2020.

Conceptual, expressionism, fine art, modern.

En Australia multitud de agricultores y ganaderos se han arruinado debido a los especuladores del agua. Por otro lado, la falta de coordinación política ha motivado que los incendios hayan devastado zonas enormes del continente. En España también, cada año. Los bosques, estos árboles son nuestros principales filtros de CO2. Los bomberos, impotentes, no han podido salvar a millones de animales. Ingentes cantidades de seres vivos han muerto.

"SANT LLORENÇ DE LA MUGA", Óleo sobre lienzo, 60X70x2 cm., oil on canvas, 96.
"SANT LLORENÇ DE LA MUGA", Óleo sobre lienzo, 60X70x2 cm., oil on canvas, 96.

"BIRD'S NEST AND FLYING PEOPLE", acrylic and Gesso on canvas, 60x60x4 cm., 2020.
"NIDO Y HOMBRES VOLADORES", acrílico y Gesso sobre lienzo, 60X60X4 cm., 2020.

"BIRD'S NEST AND FLYING PEOPLE", acrylic and Gesso on canvas, 60x60x4 cm., 2020. 

"A touch of Frog Lake", detail, 55.5X45.5 cm., pastel, watercolor, pen, Sakura ink on canvas, 2019, Carmen Moreno
"A touch of Frog Lake", detail, 55.5X45.5 cm., pastel, watercolor, pen, Sakura ink on canvas, 2019, Carmen Moreno

Cada temporada miles de niños suben a los escenarios para recrear su propio mundo. La Prima Ballerina no nace como tal pero con algo hay que empezar. La obra se centra en la importancia de las artes escénicas como catarsis. No será "El Lago de los Cisnes"...dejémoslo en el lago de las ranas. 

"Un toque del Lago de las Ranas", detalle, 55,5X45,5 cm, pastel, acuarela, tinta Sakura sobre lienzo, 2019, Carmen Moreno.

"Piratas", "Pirates", oil on canvas, 70X50 cm., 2018, Carmen moreno.
"Piratas", "Pirates", oil on canvas, 70X50 cm., 2018, Carmen moreno.

 "Piratas", óleo sobre lienzo, 70X50 cm., 2018, Carmen Moreno

Carmen Moreno's collection by Saatchi Art

                        "Seagull in a new world", oil on canvas, 100 x 81 cm. (SOLD)

          "Noche de lobos","Night of wolves", oil on canvas, 73X60 cm., 2019. Carmen Moreno.

          "Leaving the Century Of mediocrity" oil on canvas, 92 x 65 cm., 2015, Carmen Moreno

Your painting is very remarkable…"Leaving the Century of Mediocrity" really stood out and I hope we can feature your work soon in our magazines...

CFA director

Myrina Tunberg 

"Midsummer Night's dream", triptych, acrylic on canvas board, 73 x 180 x 0,5 cm. 2019

Carmen Moreno

Summer studio 2018

"The sky is still clear" 2018

"Help! everyone wants to sell me something", oil on canvas 90 x 116 cm., 2018. Carmen Moreno "¡Socorro, todo el mundo quiere venderme algo!", óleo sobre lienzo, 90 x 116 cm., 2018

                   (Second title: "The sky is still clear")

Gesso, graffiti art, spray paint, ink on cardboard, 63,7 x 90 cm., 2017, Carmen Moreno, Poema de amor.

"Destellos, sangra del dolor, quería.

  Hueco pesar de historias olvidadas.

Lujurias de injusticias vulneradas.

Vacío incierto de toda una jornada.

Tú, yo, tormenta roja, desarmada.

Esperanzas de miel desvencijadas.

   Mójate hechizo, dientes descarnados.

Un billón de discursos descuidados.

Desairada esperanza, viento, cielo.

Estos chopos pelados, las encinas.

Este rio de lodo que no cesa.

Que atraviesa mi puerta enorme y fuerte.

¿Puedo nadarlo?, no, no deja.

¡Sálvame otoño!. 

¡Sálvate si puedes!.

Lanza una gaviota al cielo perfumada.

Sé tú, sé yo, llévame contigo.

Volando a las alturas en la noche.

Y allí, ya juntos, para siempre.

Pon un lecho de paja en tu morada.

Disculpa esta torpeza y esta angustia,

y este tiempo vivido, y esta nada".


(5 nov. 2011- 6 dic. 2017)


Poema de amor.

(Carmen Moreno todos los derechos reservados, copyright by carmen moreno)




Carmen Moreno by  SINGULART



"El Renacimiento italiano sonríe al siglo XXI", óleo sobre lienzo, 55 x 46 cm., 2018


"KEBAB FOR TWO" diptych. Oil pastel, 50 x 100 cm. 2018.
"KEBAB FOR TWO" diptych. Oil pastel, 50 x 100 cm. 2018.

"KEBAB FOR TWO", basada en "Tea for two" pero algo más prosaico en mi caso. Obra realizada en el 2018, díptico, que se puede adquirir y colgar como tal, o bien por separado como dos obras independientes. Dimensiones 50 x 50 cm cada lienzo. Díptico 50 x 100 cm.

Muchas gracias por la visita. Carmen Moreno

"Kebab for two" (detail), oil pastel on canvas, 50 x 50 cm., 2018, Carmen Moreno
"Kebab for two" (detail), oil pastel on canvas, 50 x 50 cm., 2018, Carmen Moreno

The work is based on "Tea for two", only my title is more prosaic: "Kebab for two".
I am interested in the stage, the scene. Each work is for me a closed story, here we have the soul of the city  crammed with lonely characters. I am more concerned with the atmosphere and colors than with the forms.

CHELSEA TOWN HALL Art Fair LONDON october 2017

"Arte es el intento substancial, desesperado de entender el mundo, la vida y la muerte. El hombre crea un burdo pictograma de sí mismo y de todo aquello que cree poder influenciar. Se trata de una estrategia de supervivencia. Temas, técnicas o el medio no tienen importancia, la acción en sí misma es lo transcendental".

Carmen Moreno


Copyright 2018 by carmen moreno

"Kunst ist der -organische- verzweifelte Versuch, die Welt, das Leben und den Tod zu verstehen. Der Mensch schafft ein unbeholfen-plumpes Piktogramm von allem was er denkt beeinflussen zu können. Es ist eine Überlebensstrategie.  Themen, Technik und Medium sind völlig unwichtig, die Handlung an sich ist das Entscheidende".


"Artist of the Year Award & Grant"

Circle Foundation for the Arts. January, 22, 2019

Finalist Award 2018 Carmen Moreno.


(This year they had a total of 863 artists)